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The Wrong End Of You

Things always escalate when running from God, which takes a toll on us internally. Jonah is not in a good spot physically, emotionally, or spiritually. He doesn’t suggest turning back or asking God for forgiveness when confronted with his efforts to run from God. He thinks the only way out is to be dumped into the rough sea. The expected outcome was extremely dark. God, however, meets Jonah in his worst moment with grace experienced in a big fish. That saves his life and helps him get his heart back to where it belongs.





The Runners

Running involves an act of will—a choice to run in response to something. The story of Jonah is a story of running from God. Running from God is complex. In this message, we discuss what it means to run from God and why we run. It never turns out as we expect. It is an empty journey and it costs us and others so much. Fortunately, God is a God who uses the wind to frustrate our efforts in the wrong direction. He shakes up our lives to get our attention and he uses the voices of others to wake us up. Don’t miss out on your meaning and purpose by running from God. Instead run to Him, run with Him.


Jesus claims to be the "true" (right and faithful) vine. Not only does he produce in us a different and better kind of life but he also will never let us down. This is very encouraging considering all the empty promises from things and people who can’t deliver what we need to live full and fruitful lives. The key is to abide in Christ. It means to remain. To continually remain or stay close to. This message gives us three ways Jesus produces more fruit in our lives and three ways we can continue to remain close to Jesus


This should be a comforting passage. Jesus meant it as one that was both instructive and comforting but… we often only hear what we want to hear or what we fear. Which leads to confusion and hurt. Don’t just hear the scary parts. Don’t just hear the easy parts. There is more to this than just what you fear or want to hear. When you trust God’s plan it brings clarity and peace to your heart and mind.

End Game

Life is hard. Painful even. That is why it is so important to remember that the God of the universe loves us deeply. When you can’t see the hand of God at work trust his heart for you. His timing is best. He knows the end game. You can trust him.

Greener Grass

We are constantly looking for greener grass. The things that seem to promise us a better life often fail. Even people we love can disappoint us. God never fails. He cultivates green pastures I our souls and lives. He is the door to all we hope for, the way through our difficulties, and the way to eternal life. He is the Good Shepherd who cares deeply about us. Listen for his voice.

It's Messy

Life is messy, and it is easy to believe lies about life, us, and God in difficult circumstances. But wherever you are and whatever you are going through, God is working to bring good out of the bad for those who love Him. What if your current circumstances aren’t punishment but an opportunity to experience growth and watch God work in your life? Some people will oppose you moving forward, but Jesus sees you, knows you, and will lead you through the mess to something beautiful.