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The Winemaker

March 03, 2024Joshua Ott

Let’s dig into the first of seven signs in the book of John that prove who Jesus is. John wastes no time and delves right into the incredible truth about Jesus. Not a prophet, a teacher, or a fake, but God in the flesh.



March 10, 2024Joshua Ott

Jesus did some unbelievable things. He spoke words that were astonishing, beautiful, and heart-wrenching all at once. We can get hung up on those things, much like most people did in the days Jesus walked the earth. But if we stop there, we miss the whole purpose of Jesus; we miss who He is.


Poolside Rule-breaker

March 17, 2024Joshua Ott

This Talk centers around a beautiful miracle, the third in this series. It’s set at the "Pool of Mercy," a misleading name because, the truth is, it was a mess. It’s where the sick and outcast of society were left, hoping for healing. In just such dark and impossible spaces, Jesus invades with strength, power, and hope.


The Transcender

April 07, 2024Joshua Ott

Some troubles seem to overshadow everything else. We can let them demand time and energy from us, and take no ground in the process. Or, we can turn to Jesus, who transcends the chaos and guides us through.



April 14, 2024Joshua Ott

Don’t settle for less, Jesus is “Him.” He is essential to our lives and our eternity. And, as amazing as they are, let’s not get hung up on the miracles or the bread. He has even greater plans for us. The only things in our way are the roadblocks we make.