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We Keep Jesus Center

October 29, 2023Joshua Ott

Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Guilty. When our priorities are imbalanced, we feel it. Keeping Jesus at the heart of our lives won’t simply bring us peace, and it’s not just a good idea. It is the way. Let's look at the importance of keeping him center and discuss how to do it.


People Are Second

November 05, 2023Joshua Ott

Keeping people below Jesus and above all else takes intention. Otherwise, we drift and start pursuing other, lesser things. It’s easy to miss that what we need isn’t found in stuff. And, counter-intuitive as it may sound, putting others before ourselves is more fulfilling than seeking our desires.


We Kick In Instead of Eat Up

November 12, 2023Joshua Ott

Our third value in this series is about serving. We’re not just talking about checking a box on our to-do list. We’re taking a magnifying glass to this topic and looking at the hurdles (because it’s not always easy) and the profound benefits (because it’s always beneficial) of giving of ourselves. And overall, why it’s so important.


We Get Big And Stay Small

November 19, 2023Joshua Ott

What do big dreams and small steps have in common? They’re both crucially necessary to grow. Vision without action, just like progress without a goal, gets us nowhere. But teamed up, they make an intentional and awe-inspiring path forward. When God-sized dreams are paired with small, faithful steps, we become part of something bigger than we could imagine.


We Stay Relevant and Strong

November 26, 2023Joshua Ott

Trends are defined by time, space, and culture; they are always in flux and primarily out of our control. We need something strong enough to last beyond the latest fads. Something unchanging. God’s Word is the only wholly reliable thing we can put our faith in. It transcends our circumstances, feelings, and even the fads of tomorrow.