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Happy Isn't

January 23, 2022Joshua Ott

Happiness is something we all want. We all try to find more of it. But there is a lot of confusion when it comes to happiness. It isn’t the default. Everyone else doesn’t do it better than us. We don’t find it by eliminating bad feelings. The best stuff in life is complex. In Psalm 1 we look at the happiness isn’t progression and how to stop chasing happiness as a feeling and start being in the state of happy.


Live Light

January 30, 2022Joshua Ott

Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s more like a journey. Something to be experienced along the way, every day. Hard to imagine because most of us re exhausted from carrying the heavy stuff through life. Not the least of which is brought on by ourselves. Jesus came to set us free. Freedom from the heavy...from the guilt and shame. David new this hope that moved him from heavy to free.


The Backwards Path

February 06, 2022Joshua Ott

Happiness isn’t just something to know about it is something to experience. God wants you to experience all he has for you and one way to experience it is to have concern/regard for the weak. ITs backwards. To experience happiness we need less self focus and more care for others. It is simple and something we call can do and yet we all struggle with it sometimes.


Living Right (Part B)

February 20, 2022Joshua Ott

We waste so much energy trying to justify ourselves so we feel better about our choices and fail to acknowledge that we aren’t always right. What is easier, better, and leads to more true happiness is living right. Living the way God designed us to live and following his direction for our lives. The real question is do you believe God is good? If he is, His ways are good for us. So why not let Him be your guide.


Part C

February 27, 2022Joshua Ott

Everyone follows someone or something. Who are you following? The path to experience true happiness comes from following Jesus. But, how do you actually follow Jesus? It’s a question we often get asked. In this message we look at practical ways to actually follow Jesus.


I Need Help

March 13, 2022Joshua Ott

It is hard to ask for help. It’s harder to ask for help and not receive any. Those are the moments when our hope and faith starts to slip. But even in those moments of uncertainty God is up to something. This message is all about how to grow your confidence and trust in God.



March 20, 2022Ryan Fasnacht