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Quit Doing Everything

December 29, 2019Joshua Ott

There are always things that we need to balance in life. When you try to do everything for everybody, you end up making a mess of something, When you try to do everything for everybody, it’s the important stuff that starves every time. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix…quit doing everything!


Quit Being Owned

January 05, 2020Joshua Ott

God will fill what you give him…so stop holding back. He’ll fill your relationships if you give them to Him. He’ll fill your workplace, He’ll fill your purpose, He’ll fill meaning into your life…if you offer them to HIm. Quit letting your circumstances own you, and quit holding back in your faith.


Quit the Negative

January 12, 2020Joshua Ott

When you indulge a negative spirit, it becomes harder and harder to see the good things in your life…until you can’t see them at all. It spills over to all areas of your life, and becomes a poison.


Quit Wandering

January 19, 2020Joshua Ott

Maybe instead of obsessing about your future, wandering and wondering what life’s going to look like…maybe it’s time to just take the next step towards faith. Little steps add up to a journey.


Quit the Anger

January 26, 2020Joshua Ott

Anger distorts your vision, and the more you indulge it the more it distorts. Maybe you’ve had some things happen in your life that angered you. And it’s easy to take that anger, and place that anger on God and then run from it. But God will still pursue you with grace so you can see Him for who He is.


Quit the Games

February 02, 2020Joshua Ott

You are enough already. If you would just realize that you don’t have to live up to all this other stuff. You don’t have to impress others so they say you’re somebody. You don’t have to fake it until you make it. If you would just realize that as you are, God sent His Son for you. And His Son died on a cross for you. How much more value do you think you can find? Why does what other people say about us matter more than that? The significance that we’ve been searching for in all the other places has been there all along.


Quit Checking Out

February 09, 2020Ryan Fasnacht

If we want to stay checked in, and if we want to build that relational power and be that difference-maker, we need to acknowledge what our responsibility is for engagement with people.


Quit Settling

February 16, 2020Joshua Ott

Let God be the architect and builder of your life. He will sink the foundation deep, He will be unshakeable. When you step into the more that He has for you, if you place your hope in Him, if you start looking forward to the city that He has for you, that faith will drive you to more than you could have asked for.


Quit Being Afraid

February 23, 2020Randy Ott

God’s got a plan, and He’s saying “Will you trust me?” “Will you acknowledge my presence?” “Will you allow me to protect you?” That’s not to say that there won’t be some difficult times, some hurtful times, some painful times…but God’s going to protect you because He has a plan.


Quit Quitting

March 01, 2020Joshua Ott

You just have to follow Him one step at a time, and God will take you somewhere bigger than you could have imagined and better than you could have prayed for. But when disappointment creeps in you’re going to feel empty, hurt, beat-up…you’re going to want to quit. When you learn that the small faithful steps will lead you to big places, that you can trust this big God that is bigger than you could have expected, that you mean something to Him…your default changes. Don’t quit.