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November 03, 2019Joshua Ott

Maybe you look at your life and think there’s good stuff for me? Love for me? Grace for me? You don’t understand. My life can have purpose?” I can do something amazing? Nah, I’m the worst. It might be harder to see, but it’s so important to understand that God does not see you the way you see yourself.



November 10, 2019Joshua Ott

When you say “Are you sure it’s me God?” It’s ok. God is patient with you, and He’s waiting for you to embrace the label “chosen” and to embrace the purpose that He has for you. He wants you to live a life of purpose and meaning in service to others. Are you in?



November 17, 2019Joshua Ott

You are not a loser, you are not defeated. Your confidence and posture will grow, because God says you are more than a conqueror through Him. And you can start to experience that by just taking little steps of faith following Him. You are a masterpiece. You are chosen. And you are more than a conqueror.



November 24, 2019Joshua Ott

Maybe your stance has been weakened lately. Maybe your circumstances have you feeling a little shaky, a little uncertain. Maybe you don’t have the tools you wanted to have, or maybe you thought you’d have more tools. Maybe you thought you’d have a better station in life, a better status. But what if you could use your weak, shaky stance and your ridiculous tools, and you could depend on God for more than you could ever do on your own?