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Rise Up: Out of Discouragement

April 16, 2023Joshua Ott

Discouragement is part of life. Where we go amid discouragement is important. Two disciples, barely mentioned in the Bible, encountered Jesus on the day of His resurrection. They were wandering, confused, and letdown. Jesus knew exactly what they needed...and He knows what we need too.


Rise Up: Through Doubt

April 23, 2023Joshua Ott

Wrestling with doubt is something we all do. Going through rough times amplifies our questions. But asking questions is essential to growth. It pushes us to examine our faith, developing and strengthening it. Though, at times, doubt can be dangerous. The difference is knowing how to handle it.


Rise Up: Out of Your Comfortable Fallback

April 30, 2023Joshua Ott

We love to be comfortable. Everyone’s got things, people, or places they go to for comfort. They are blessings to be grateful for. But sometimes the pursuit of comfort turns into a goal, the be- all, end-all of existence...which is when we miss out on what God has for us.


Rise Up: When You Don’t Know

May 14, 2023Joshua Ott

There are some uncomfortable places to not have the answers; like helping your kids with homework, or giving your opinion after totally spacing out. Then there are some unbearable spaces to not know. It can feel impossible to move forward when hung up one of life’s big questions. That’s where trusting God comes into play, and it makes all the difference.