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The Power of Generosity

November 20, 2022Joshua Ott

Money and church. What an awkward conversation because there are so many bad at-best messages out there twisting what the Bible says about money. So many of you have been manipulated or made to feel guilty about giving money to churches, and it doesn’t sit well with us. Yet, God talks a lot about money in scripture. It makes sense since it can have such a huge grip on our lives. And we are grateful for the teaching because money makes a terrible master, and there is such joy, freedom, and wealth in living generously.


The Power Of Gratitude

November 27, 2022Joshua Ott

Grateful people are happier and healthier. Yet moments of gratitude quickly pass us by because we aren’t looking for what we have to be grateful for, or we miss the opportunity to show gratitude. So make it who you are, not just something you do. Be a grateful person. Look for what you have to be grateful for, don’t let the moment pass you by, and express that gratitude.


The Power of Encouragement

December 04, 2022Joshua Ott

Words are powerful. But our actions are just as important. Encouraging words and actions build up confidence, beliefs, attitude, and actions; they define us. Encouraging one another leads to sustainable, genuine change. The opposite, criticism, produces short term change at best, and builds resentment. Be an encourager who motivates and brings out the best in people.