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An Invitation To Something Better

July 17, 2022Joshua Ott

It is easy to miss stuff in the hectic pace of life. We get busy or distracted or pulled by the expectations of others and sometimes we can miss the best stuff. Jesus gives this invitation to found people, because found people can get distracted and become apathetic. The invitation is to abide and abiding is a choice.


On Remind

July 24, 2022Joshua Ott

It is worth repeating high value information and we need to hear some things repeated over and over again before they stick. Jesus is repeating some important stuff in this passage. Mainly that he is the vine and we are the branches and to experience all he has for us we need to remain or abide in Him. By the way, all that he has for us, the fruit, is really awesome stuff and everything we have been searching for in our relationships. Fruitful people are successful where it matters most. Abide to thrive.


About Love

July 31, 2022Joshua Ott

Love will make you do some crazy things. It is the best motivator, and it is what is most transformative. That’s why it is so sad that so many people who believe in God don’t really know His love for us. It’s a crazy love that Jesus describes to us in this passage. We aren’t motivated by religious rituals, obligations, or a sense of duty. We are motivated by God’s incredible love for us.


Broken Systems

August 07, 2022Josh Daubert


The Difference Maker

August 14, 2022Joshua Ott

Help’s coming. Jesus wraps up this section of his instruction to his followers with encouragement that while He is leaving, He is sending them The Advocate. A helper. A difference maker. If you have ever wondered if God is for you, if you have wondered if He is with you this encouragement is for you. Deep dive with us to see who this advocate is and what He does for us.