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May 23, 2021Joshua Ott

The first message in our #BLESSED series looks at the “Blessed” statements from Jesus. What we think will get us a good life usually doesn’t. Instead what Jesus teaches us is the stuff on the inside and our spiritual journey lead to the fullness He has for us. There is a deeper kind of happy for you. It’s a journey and God cares more about your inside. Don’t miss the best stuff He has for you.



May 30, 2021Josh Daubert

The next message in our #BLESSED series focuses on the commands that Jesus gave us to be salt and light in our world. We may not realize this, but ANYONE can make an impact; we all have purpose. We need to live in our uniqueness and be an enhancement. We cannot keep our faith to ourselves, but we need to be a light exposing the darkness in the world. Most importantly, we are to do these things so that we can lead others to God and ultimately glorify Him through it all. You can make an IMPACT!



June 06, 2021Joshua Ott

What if you lived your life inside out? Everyone saw what was going on in your heart. In today’s talk we look at the inside out kingdom, a different way. Jesus is saying my way is different, this way to live is better and you need me. Those reminders are so great and when applied to life they show us a new path forward free of empty religion and full of grace.



June 13, 2021Joshua Ott

This message talks about what is referred to as the hardest ethic from Christ - How to respond to those who hurt you and loving others even your enemies. This is so hard because wrongs hurt and deep inside us there is a call for justice, for life to be fair. Sometimes this translates into the desire to hurt the person back. The law of retribution is flawed and will sink you. Jesus shows us a better way that elevates you and elevates your relationships.


Examining Our Driving Force

June 20, 2021Randy Ott

What is the driving force in your life? Why do we do what we do? These are questions that help us examine our outlook on life. Matthew gives three activities that Christians perform.



July 04, 2021Josh Daubert

Message Info: #Judgemuch, 7/4/2021- The next message in our #BLESSED series focuses on the clarification Jesus provides for us on judging others. The two main points and steps that we need to focus on are humility and accountability. Jesus tells us that we have a plank in our own eye, so we need to humble ourselves and deal with the sin in our lives. After this, we can then help our fellow believers in removing the speck from their eyes, and this is through loving accountability.



July 11, 2021Joshua Ott

We get to this amazing part of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus is describing the approachability of God. For a people who thought God was distant and and unconcerned this was a very big deal. Little did they know God wasn’t just approachable He had come to them. What do you want? It is a question Jesus asked a blind man. It is a question that makes us uncomfortable. But it is important to know that has your best ahead of you. Just ask, seek, knock.



July 18, 2021Joshua Ott

Jesus ends the sermon on the mount with a lot of contrast that builds to a very important question. What are you building your life on? If you want to still be standing through the inevitable storms in life you need to build your life on something that has overcome. Build your life on Jesus and you will still be standing no matter what happens next.