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talks in 'Finding Christmas in the Chaos' (4)


It’s The Journey That Gets Me

We elevate the journey with catchy lines and good intentions, but the strategy isn’t foolproof. The journey can be as painful, challenging, and lonely as the destination. It’s uncertain. Our experiences and what we anticipate about our destination make up the journey. But our best efforts can’t compare with the wonder-working power of journeying with Jesus.

Behold Our God

Behold here is your God. This inspiring message takes an amazing look at the character of God and the great comfort we can find in knowing Him. A timely message out of Isaiah 40 for our Christmas season. In the midst of all the chaos… Behold here is your God.

Are You Serious?

Sung of as a “silent night,” we romanticize the Christmas story; a glorious star cuts through the darkness as the world's Savior is born. The reality of this beautiful story is riddled with trials, much like our own. A closer look reveals deeper beauty and meaning in the mess. It proves our need for a savior and promises hope.