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Finish Strong

The hard part is finishing strong. If you are struggling to get started, are stuck or failed somewhere along the way it should be encouraging to know that it’s not how you start it is how you finish that matters. Paul is teaching Timothy how to finish strong as he lives out an example for us all while he nears the end of his life. 7 ways to finish strong!

What Gets You

It is hard to have confidence and courage during difficult times, especially when Jesus doesn’t feel close to you. Most of us don’t feel like we have really big mountain moving faith, but Jesus never said we had to have big faith, just little faith. Keep focused on Jesus. Your little faith and His big Grace will always equal rescue.

It's Just a Season

Life is full of seasons. Some easy, some hard, all carry a burden. You can’t let a season of your life steal your hope. Even when things aren’t going well you can learn to bear up under the burden of a season and live well. This message is how to make it through the season you find yourself in.

The Secret

I would rather be better than worse but often it feels like the choices in life are between a bad situation and settling for less than what we hoped for. The secret to finding hope in anything is learning to disconnect your satisfaction from your situation. It is learning the state of, the spiritual practice of contentment. This message readjusts our misconceptions about contentment, helps us source it from Christ.

It’s A Mess

Sometimes the mess is the problem. The mess keeps us from experiencing hope and joy. The mess in our heart usually starts small but easily distracts us from what we need most. Jesus went to the temple and flipped the tables. He was passionate about the house of God where people would worship and find the hope they needed. Jesus cleared the mess so people could see God and find the new life He has for them. 1 Corinthians 6:19 and Romans 8:9 teach us that we are the temple. The place where God’s Spirit resides if we have given Him our hearts in faith. Time to clean up the mess and get back to the absolutely amazing experience it is to be close to Him. Let Jesus clean up your heart. Don’t wait to work on the mess.

Jesus is...

You can find hope in anything because Jesus is better...Jesus is still King. Everything eventually runs out except for what is connect to Jesus. Let him flip your life and fill it up. Time to trust Jesus with every area of your life. Jesus is...