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Don’t Wanna Miss It

It is easy to lose things in translation. We get caught up in the buzz of the right now, what we need right now, what life looks like right now and we miss what God is doing in our lives. That is why it so important to go to the source and the source is Jesus. He’s whats missing when we miss peace and hope and joy.

Room Enough to Wait For It

Waiting for a promise can be hard. What starts as excitement quickly turns to agitation, pessimism and even disappointment. The stakes go up the more we want what we are waiting for. It can become a physical experience as we try to keep ourselves faithful in the season God has us in right now. It can be an emotional experience as we try to remind our heart of the things God has promised us and it can become a spiritual exercise as we struggle to move past our doubts and live in faith. We can learn a lot from two characters in the Christmas story who don’t get a whole lot of screen time. Learning from Simeon we can find contentment and we wait with expectation that God is still going to do something amazing in our lives. The key to experiencing that kind of joy…complete joy is found in abiding with Jesus.

Moving From Have to to Get to

I want my mentality to be "I Get To", not "I Have To". Happiness and joy is not found in ourselves. King David was living in a cave hiding to save his life. People flocked around him, made sacrifices for him. David had a “I Get To”, I get to offer these people what they could only get by grace. HE LOVED THEM! I get to serve Jesus, you get to serve Jesus.