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Unexpected Plans

God’s purpose can’t be interrupted, and His plans are bigger and deeper than you could ever plan for yourself. He sees past all of the junk we throw up. He sees past all the faking we do and all the facades we put up to what we actually need. He’s a good God that is preparing you for what’s ahead.

The Unexpected Journey

Maybe there’ve been times when you were headed towards the wrong thing. Maybe there’ve been times when you’ve been distracted by the little things that offer you promise and hope in the moment but end up in disappointment. Maybe your journey has looked like mine. But what I love about God is that no matter where you are on your journey with Him, He loves you.

Be the Light

Maybe your life isn’t great. Maybe you have some challenges that you face. Maybe things have been difficult for you. But maybe even in the midst of your difficult circumstances, God wants to use you to start a journey towards joy.