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talks in 'Search Party' (3)


The Other One

Every party has one, and this one represents the critics Jesus was addressing in these parables. The scary thing is the older brother was the other lost one in the passage. His sin was hidden, his pride was out of control, he didn’t love the father just the father’s stuff. There are however a few checks we can keep in front of us to help us keep tabs on our own hearts and whoever you are God still wants you to experience the party.

The Ask and the Aftermath

Sometimes one line can change the trajectory of your day, week, or year. What is astonishing about this passage is the love the father displays for the lost son. He endures the shame , the heartbreak and the humiliation of granting this son’s request. It reminds me of Jesus and his love for us and what he endured on the cross. Jesus sees deeper than your struggle and you don’t have to talk Him into loving you.

The Heart

Lots of different people gather to hear Jesus. Both the notorious sinners and the notoriously religious. The notorious sinners were drawn to Jesus, so why aren’t they drawn to us? This message is about getting unstuck in the weeds of religion and finding the heart of God. A story about sheep to show us that the lost sheep is the object of God’s affection. Let’s be like Jesus.